Entry #2

Working on a Flash

2010-12-21 21:07:22 by penguinpow12

Wow everyone on Newgrounds is so nice! If i started this on youtube, people would've called me a fag...... anyways forget about sparkanims.tk it didn't work. My new site is under construction and is called www.worldleaderboard.com. I'm excited on creating my first one! I'm making a music video for the song christmas in hollywood!!!


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2010-12-21 21:40:47

good luck with your flash and not everyone on NG is nice some people are total douche bags so watch out :: random link
http://tessatheslut.com/?id=8awwnoziq 2cqsxqclun5x18angpc8y


2010-12-24 23:01:19

Merry Christmas!